By incorporating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors into our investment strategies, we aim to deliver long- term investment returns while promoting broader economic development in the communities we work and a healthier environment for future generations.

Thoughtful land stewardship requires a targeted approach for each property in our portfolio, and no one strategy in sustainability will be sufficient. Chess Ag and our partner growers use a combination of practices including:

Soil Health: The Chess Ag team tests soil health to ensure effective and precise nutrient management. Chess Ag partner growers also employ natural soil health management tools such as crop rotations that mitigate weeds, disease, insect, and other pest problems, provide alternative sources of soil nitrogen, reduce soil erosion, and reduce risk of water contamination by agricultural chemicals.

Integrated Pest Management: Our farmers are trained in responsible pest management and employ technologies that reduce the toxicity and drift of any chemicals used. We are committed to complying with WHO classifications of hazardous chemicals.

Waste Reduction: The firm finds alternative uses for byproducts or off-spec products. Whether it is finding alternative markets for second grade produce, or using the husks of our hazelnut for animal feed and dyes, we strive to use every part of the plant.

Water: Where appropriate, Chess Ag uses technology to ensure efficient water management. Water availability and risk is an important variable in land sourcing and crop selection on each farm, and is thoughtfully considered in all we do.

Supporting Rural Communities: Chess Ag believes that strong rural communities are the backbone for the agriculture sector and are an important component to national food security and economic development. We actively seek new opportunities that can provide a better income to our growing partners, and a sustainable growing operation for the rural economy.

Chess Ag is a signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment