Mike Wagner: Advisory Partner, Farm Management

Mike Wagner joined Chess Ag as an advisory partner in summer of 2017. As well as advising Chess Ag,  Mike is the founder and farmer of Two Brooks Farm. Two Brooks began its life in 1988 and is situated in the heart of Tallahatchie County Mississippi. For the past twenty years the farm has been uniquely approaching its business from an ecological and scarce-resource perspective. Two Brooks produces rice, soybeans and corn, with most varieties being chosen for special attributes related more to increased nutrition content, rather than the typical push for quantity. Conservation practices in water and soil fertility are also a focus of the farm. Finally, Two Brooks is unusual as it is a large commercial farming operation engaging in field-to-table production, with a rice mill onsite and a wholesale/retail product range covering proprietary brown, Missamati, red and black rice, rice grits and rice flours.

Mike has spent thirty years serving in a wide variety of agricultural and other advisory roles including the US Rice Producer Association’s Board of Directors, the US Rice Association’s International Marketing Committee, President of the Mississippi Rice Council, Vice-President of the Delta Council, the Advisory Board of Planters Bank and Trust, the Emmitt Till Commission and the Board of the Northwest Mississippi Community Foundation. Mike graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in Agronomy.