Chess Ag Full Harvest Partners is an asset management company focused on agricultural investment opportunities. Our investment professionals have combined experience of over six decades in both agriculture and financial markets, and have a proven track record of meeting the needs of a wide variety of clients.

We examine and incorporate both micro and macro global economic trends as we believe the world will continue to grow ever smaller and interdependent. As the middle class continues its’ increased demand for higher quality food, finding opportunities to intelligently meet that demand is where we see excellent opportunity.

Why Invest In Agriculture?


Attractive Risk Adjusted Return
Since 1951, farmland has had similar returns to the S&P500 with less than half the volatility. The value of farmland has a 90%-95% correlation with inflation (Kastens and Dhuyvetter KSU).
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We focus on technology, as it will greatly reduce the cost of global agricultural inputs over the next decade and provide for greater margins.

Supply & Demand

Due to rising incomes and a growing middle class, consumers are becoming more health conscious; there is an increasing demand for protein and higher quality global diets.
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